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Making a House a Home: A heartfelt success story.

On January 26, Project Redesign partnered with Healing Housing to install a living room and dining room for one of Healing Housing’s staff members. Healing Housing is a nonprofit residential recovery program serving women with limited resources throughout Middle Tennessee who are healing from addiction. What was so encouraging to me about redesigning the woman’s apartment was knowing that we were touching the heart of someone who would be helping other women like herself move into their own independent living facilities. 

For this install, I picked out a beautiful, blue-gray sofa and two light-gray arm chairs, as well as a coffee table/end table set that looked brand new. The cool, muted color scheme of whites and blues slowly came together, and I pulled two new acrylic lamps, a generous donation from one of our board members, to sandwich the sofa. I was so excited to see how everything would look in the home! 

On the day of the install, I was fortunate to have two incredible volunteers (Thank you, Laurel Krodel and Amy Dennison!) help me find a spot for every accessory and art piece. The woman receiving the furniture was actually home getting ready for work that morning, so she stayed back in her bedroom while we positioned everything to make the living room feel open and inviting. 

Once we had gotten the items in place, we called her in to take a look. The tears in her eyes were all the words that we needed to know that she was incredibly grateful for Project Redesign’s support. She reminded us that she had been living in the apartment for two weeks without living room or dining room furniture, and she never expected to own items like the ones we brought. 

The install for this woman is just one of many that has touched me during my time at Project Redesign. To be able to help her make her house a home and empower her to help other women in recovery reminded me how much a fraction of our time, love, and home decor can make a difference in our Nashville community.

~ Mary Patton Murphy, Project Manager 

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