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Meet the Project Redesign Interns!

This summer, we welcomed Abi-Leigh Doss (right) and Mary Patton Murphy (left) to the PRD team! These incredible women are spending a few months with us working on some big projects, from warehouse inventory to podcasting.

Let’s get to know them a little better, shall we?

Q: What is your major, year in school, and hometown?

Abi-Leigh: I’m from Oxford, Mississippi. I’m an upcoming senior at the University of Mississippi and my major is Integrated Marketing Communication.

Mary Patton: I’m a senior English major, from Jackson, Mississippi.

Q: What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Abi-Leigh: my hobbies include reading, listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, and going for walks (with friends or on the phone with them). I’m interested in art and design, specifically fashion design and enjoy reading about the industry or famous fashion icons.

Mary Patton: I like playing the violin, reading a good memoir, going on walks, creating Spotify playlists, and working on my personal podcast! Other interests include discovering somewhere new through traveling, learning about British and American history (especially the royal women and First Ladies), discovering new folk music, and shopping.

Q: How did you hear about PRD or get connected with Karen?

Abi-Leigh: I heard about PRD through my good friend and fellow intern, Mary Patton Murphy, and ended up talking to Karen earlier in the year. Karen explained to me what PRD was and their mission, and I loved it from the start!

Mary Patton: I met Karen through the Ole Miss Women’s Council program, where she is actively involved in both the council, Ole Miss alumni and student life. When Karen learned that I created a podcast as a hobby, she reached out to me about creating something similar for Project Redesign.

Q: What was it about PRD's mission specifically that drew you?

Abi-Leigh: Project Redesign’s mission drew me because I loved how it used the community to give back to the community in a strategic and dignified way. Collecting gently used furniture and repurposing it for someone in need gives both the giver and recipient pride in what they’ve donated and in what they’ve received. I’m proud to be a part of a nonprofit that works with all types of people in Nashville!

Mary Patton: I love Project Redesign because it helps other people in a way that I had never heard of before. I’ve been involved with a number of nonprofits, but I’ve never heard of a furniture bank until now. What Karen is doing with Project Redesign is special because it meets the needs of others in giving them places to eat, sleep, and sit. Giving someone a dining room table, bed frame, or couch is special, but Karen goes beyond just delivering these items to someone’s door. Rather, she thoughtfully coordinates the furniture to meet an individual’s needs. Because of the care she puts into the installation process, Karen creates both a livable and enjoyable space that provides hope for an individual’s tomorrow.

Q: What will your internship with PRD focus on primarily?

Abi-Leigh: my internship with Project Redesign will primarily focus on conducting inventory in the furniture warehouse and assisting with home installations. Accurate inventory allows us to pick the best items for a project in order to fit the individual’s wants and needs.

Mary Patton: My internship with Project Redesign primarily focuses on promoting the nonprofit through a podcast format. I’m excited about speaking with Karen and others about the impact Project Redesign has made in Nashville, and sharing about its collaboration with other nonprofits in town. I hope to create at least three episodes to share with the community that further explain what we do, and I hope that they will inspire greater impact through Project Redesign in the future!

Q: What do you think makes PRD unique?

Abi-Leigh: I believe Project Redesign is unique because the furniture installation process is unique for each client. We’re not just supplying a need by filling their home with furniture- we’re tailoring items to their style or want and making their house feel like home. The quality of the items donated and used also gives individuals dignity in their home and possessions.

Mary Patton: Project Redesign is unique because of its intentionality and specificity. We thoughtfully consider every install, planning for a redesign far in advance by scanning our warehouse for the best pieces of furniture for the opportunity at hand. It’s also unique because it’s the only furniture bank within twenty minutes of Nashville- we recognize the potential our nonprofit has to impact the lives of many throughout the Nashville area, and we are excited to see what comes of coordinating with other nonprofits and individuals this summer!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see more of Abi-Leigh and Mary Patton’s work!

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